Reno Rolle

Reno Rolle is the co-founder and chairman of Boku International as well as a 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year nominee. Ever since experiencing the power of superfoods and the effect that they had on his family, Reno was compelled to create the purest and most potent superfood blends in the world. Working alongside his wife and partner, Lynn Rolle, Boku is now serving thousands of customers in countries all over the world with their award winning, certified organic, kosher and vegan superfoods.Reno Rolle

Superfoods are a newly defined and highly specialized category of foods. They are plant based foods that are very low in calories with extremely high nutritional density, especially in relation to their weight and volume. Superfoods are rich in phyto-nutrients and antioxidants which are extremely important and beneficial but cannot be produced in the human body. With most foods being grown in mineral depleted soils and laden with toxic chemicals, organic superfoods are a great natural option for people looking to get on track nutritionally and make a positive change in their personal wellness.

There are many subcategories of superfoods that exist and provide varying options and benefits. There are green superfoods which have a lot of fat burning compounds, as well as minerals and vitamins that help promote growth and regeneration of muscle and tissue. There are numerous super fruits, nuts, mushrooms and a host of other ingredients from both the land and sea. Some superfoods are very common like kale and broccoli while others are more exotic like lucuma and sacha-inchi. All are plant based, nutrient dense and health forming.

Boku prides itself on using only the most pristine, certified organic, vegan, and kosher superfoods with no fillers, flavorings or additives of any kind. Every single ingredient in all Boku products has functional value, with no soy, dairy, whey, gluten or GMOs. While they currently serve thousands of customers around the world, Boku is focused on expanding its reach to help more, while continually introducing new additions to their product line-up.

Reno is very passionate about the work he is doing at Boku and looks forward to a bright future for both the company and its customers. Through Boku and thanks to the incredible talent, drive and tenacity of his wife Lynn, Reno’s experience as an inventor and entrepreneur appears to have culminated ideally, providing the opportunity to do well while helping others.